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Cellular Rejuvenation

  • Cellular Rejuvenation

This product is in a 1oz. Bottle and is designed to oxygenate the cells to restore wellness and relieving illnesses:





Sinus Issues



Immune Deficiencies

Other Chronic or acute illnesses

A Special Made copper Infused H2O2 supplement made with oxygenated chlorophyll to fight colds flu and stop contagious viruses by supercharging the immune system and promoting Homeostasis where the cells in the body maintain a stable, balance, equilibrium internal state that persists despite the onset of flu colds or viruses. This product has the ability to protect the body and eradicate the coronavirus. This product can be used in place of dangerous vaccines.

1 Serving=3-6 Drops 3xday
This is a 6 month supply
*Please keep cool or refrigerated when available

Due to massive demand, we are beginning production and shipping immediately. Please have patience as we work to get these out to where they are needed most (as we are prioritizing those who work in hospitals, nursing homes, police and fire people). Please expect approximately 1 week for shipping. Thank you for your patience
We appreciate you.🌈