Copper Mask

$35.00 - $150.00
  • Copper Mask
  • Copper Mask
  • Copper Mask


All who have tried our new copper masks have noted them to be very breathable while being effective at the same time, it is perfect for the warmer weather as well.

Some Uses:
At the first sign of a cold
When close to someone who has a cold or is sneezing,
In a crowded place or any location that requires a mask to enter according to the regulations based on the COVID-19 rules and regulations in USA.
When traveling by airplane or by bus or immediately after travel.
When you are immuno-suppressed and must visit a crowded doctor’s office.
When you have a cold and want to protect others.
When being exposed to allergens, such as cutting a lawn.

*Copper masks like this one are being used in some hospitals for all general employees and staff they are not directly working with patients.

Note: The Copper Mask and Copper Mask insert are not intended as surgical, infection control, dental, or medical procedure masks and should not be used under any conditions where bodily fluids or blood may be sprayed directly on the mask, as splash may penetrate the mask.