Copper Water

  • Copper Water

Have you been told that you have an iron deficiency, yet despite taking iron supplements and following all of the doctors recomendations do not see any improvements in your condition. When in fact, it is a copper deficiency.

Have you been diagnosed with:

poor immune function
hair loss
congestive heart failure
high blood pressure
hypertension, osteoperosis
increased bone fractures

Foods considered rich in Copper such as Liver, Oysters, Seafood, fish, grain and vegetable now have almost no nutritional value now thanks to GMO's.

The secret to Better Health for people of color lies in the increased production of black melanin. Black melanin is the Black Magic that taps us into the power of our ancestors.

Give your body the copper it needs with our Copper Infused Water with disease-fighting Ayuravedic herbs and take back your health now!