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Coronavirus IMMUNE BOOSTER Kit

  • Coronavirus IMMUNE BOOSTER Kit
  • Coronavirus IMMUNE BOOSTER Kit
  • Coronavirus IMMUNE BOOSTER Kit

*Immunity boosting booklet with tons of info, charts, resources to help you keep your immune system strong and fight off any infections or viruses that would leave you susceptible to contracting the Coronavirus.

*Thieves spray(made of an antimicrobial blend of essential oils) for killing viruses on contact safe for body and surfaces, a natural essential oil mixture that is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal ans anti-parasitic
This antimicrobial oil Blend is for using on any exposed surfaces to kill any micro-organisms and diffuser or humidifier.

*ELDERBERRY SYRUP- Includes 5 herbs that break up the 3CL

*Super-Charged NAC to help clear the lympharic system- an important antioxidant your body produces naturally that helps reduce free radical damage and plays a role in the detoxification of heavy metals and other harmful substances.

*Super-Charged Vitamin- C Powder

*Magnetized Water kit - to help the body maintain an alkaline environment in order to protect from the virus

*Charged Capsicum frutescems capsules

*Activated Glycyrrhizic acid capsules- to Support lymphatic release and Hormonal Balance to relieve internal stressors that can weaken the immune system

*Magnesium Oil Lotion for Immune Support assisting over 44,000 systems in the body

*1 month supply of Detox Tea

*1 month supply of Dr. Browns Xtra Strength Water

*Castor Oil pack formula for Detox Phase

*Alkalizing bath & Foot soak formula

*Virus killing frequency meditation (play it in the house on repeat 24hr/day until virus is gone)
BONUS: DISTANCE HEALING for 7-Days - You must send pictures to activate this bonus