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Energy Activated Sphere

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  • Energy Activated Sphere

The Energy Activated Sphere is loosely based off of the Genesa Crystal

"Work in GENESA crystals are natural centering exercises, centering the life force energy within the participant from the inside out in a slow dance of dynamic balance. The power of intention is amplified many fold."
The Energy Activation Sphere come in 3 sizes

The Super Energies are
life, love, light and let.
They are the control systems for:
insight and

By stepping inside a skeletal crystal and simulating the movements of cell division in 13 dimensions, a Moving Meditation is activated and one becomes adept at circumscribing the personal living energy field, condition it, clarifying it, and taking charge of it.

Then by controlling the form, flow, focus and function of the Super Energy Systems with the MIND to create specific environments, the genes can be selectively activated at will and used as Gene Teams.

GENESA has many attributes of Yoga, Prayer, Meditation, T’ai Chi, and Spiritual Breath Control. It is a means of using balance, rhythm, and symmetry to harmonize the Super Energies, or Essences, in gravity, Time Space, and electro-magnetic fields.”
Derald G. Langham, Ph.D,