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Frequency Wave Generator

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  • Frequency Wave Generator

Our Frequency Wave Generator is especially designed in a way that it produces noticeable results in a short time. The device makes tiny electrical pulses, with a positive DC voltage offset that is applied to the body. The connection with the body is maintained via hand or foot electrodes based on where you put the electr1odes. Inside the body these tiny current pulses pass through almost every type of tissues, including organs, muscles and especially blood vessels and lymphatic system.

The specific frequencies kill parasites and bacteria wherever the current reaches them. Even though the current does not reach the regions like eyes, the appendix, the testes and the inner ear bones, our customers have experienced positive results by using our Frequency Wave Generator. What happens in these regions is that the current doesn’t directly attack the parasitic and microorganisms. It activates the white blood cells, the most powerful natural body protector cells in the circulation. These activated white blood cells will then seek out and destroy the parasites they come across which does not normally belong to the body. With the right frequency, the process is remarkably fast. It only takes just three minutes for the viruses and bacteria, five minutes for tapeworm stages, flukes and roundworms and seven minutes for mites to be eliminated in the body.

Boosted Bliss Model: comes with Basic model attachments plus Bliss Cell Salts to replenish and balance after removal of non beneficial frequencies and parasites.