Radiant Alchemy Herbal Alliance Course

  • Radiant Alchemy Herbal Alliance Course

This experiential Herbal Alliance Certification Course will help you to learn how to be One with the Plant kingdom in a way that will allow you to use herbs in all aspects of your life and hear are some of the ways:

🎋 Ease Anxiety & Stress

🎋 Help your children develop a relationship with herbs beyond tea.

🎋 Become one with Nature all year round in order deepening your relationships.

🎋 Learn to make healing salves, balms, tinctures, flower essences and more.

This training will be done through zoom with an option for in person training days as per CDC guidelines pertaining to COVID-19.

Living with herbs in the is way will help build your confidence as a Mother, teacher, healer and more....

Join me as I share some of my families most coveted Herbal secrets with you. See you There!!!

* If you need other payment options please contact me directly: safiyaoni@radiantalchemy.org