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Soul Retrieval Sessions

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  • Soul Retrieval Sessions

This is a 50-Minute Session
In ancient times the Shamans understood that when a person experiences a trauma, whether it is physical or emotional, that it is possible that a part of their soul's vibrant essence may leave them, seeking safety.
People who experience soul loss due to trauma either in childhood or adult years lose connection with aspects of their souls (and severred connection to higher self) feom that moment on their is a constant seeking to feel whole again through addictions, stimulation seeking, dogmatic beliefs, conditional relationships, and workaholism.

With just 1 Soul retrieval session most begin to feel a stronger sense of self, a brighter view of the future, more energy, an ability to deal with grief even from childhood and a stronger willingness to improve their lives. This is the beginning of regaining control of our lives so that one can move forward ans begin to experience accomplishments in life and begin fulfilling ones destiny.