Tesla Healing Wand

$50.00 - $150.00
  • Tesla Healing Wand

Welcome to our New Energy Healing Wand- Increase your personal power in less than a minute. Big enough to transform your life in 60 seconds and small enough to fit into your pocket. This is pocket Power indeed, that can be carried in your purse or pants pocket. It is healing, calming and empowering all in one unassuming 100% copper wand.

The benefits are too many to name here, instead check out a few of the benefits below. Each purchase will come with a full list of the many benefits and complete instructions that allow you to make the most of it on a daily basis.

We are so excited to finally be able to share this gem with the Radiant Alchemy Wellness Family so HURRY and make your purchase and if you can buy 1 for close family and friends at this introductory price. We will also host a webinar with full instructions and training along with a quick Q&A at the end for each person that purchases this life changing, highly affordable healing tool.

Just in time to boost your immune system and protection from any rogue viruses or infections that may be seeking to reach critical mass in your blood stream. The power of Self-Healing is now in your hands.

* Each Size is in Ancient Egyptian Cubit measurements for extra powerful healing benefits.