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Energy Activation Earrings & Pendants

$25.00 - $50.00
  • Energy Activation Earrings & Pendants
  • Energy Activation Earrings & Pendants

Prices per size are:

S: $35

M: $45

L: $55

Ordering Instructions:

1.Click the size earring you would like to purchase.

2. If you would like a pendant as well you can add your earrings to your cart then go back to the store and choose the pendant and add it to your cart as well.

Energy Activation earrings and pendants are very powerful and will instantly activate all of your meridians and you may begin releasing almost instantly. Some may also feel an intense amount of energy immediately. Please make sure you drink as much water you feel the need, it will help you keep your chi moving through your body so that you can feel better mentally, physically and spiritually. This allows you to be more grounded, get more done, accomplish goals faster and stay more emotionally stable throughout your day.
Once you get a feel for wearing your wish maker earrings and or pendant you can use your wish-maker to super charge your goals intentions, food/drink and anything you place on your body.

Psychic Attacks & Spiritual Protection: The Wish Makers will help you stay above the vibrations that leave one prone to the lower vibrations thereby allowing one to now receive higher frequencies mentally and spiritually allowing more positive thoughts, emotions and physical energy so that happiness and boundless energy can become a new reality.
Each device comes with special indepth instructions to help you super-charge your goals and transform your life.

Wish-Makers as Healing Devices: Your Wish-Maker earrings and Pendant can be taken off of the body and paced on a flat surface and used as a healing device for yourself or others simple instructions will be sent via email upon purchase. Once you get the hang of it the possibilities are endless.

If you have any questions at all feel free to give us a call before ordering: 973-746-2700 or TEXT:347-927-1261