HSV Immunity Symbol

  • HSV Immunity Symbol

*Each symbol is specifically made for the user and is coded with your initials and birthdate therefore your healing is pinpointed for you.
* The Introductory Price is for the 1st 12 Symbols and includes in-depth training and assistance in getting your first set of results.
* Once you purchase we will contact you for details so that your symbol created and you will be invited to the next class to begin your training.

The HSV Immunity symbol, handcrafted by the same healer who created the wildly popular Immunity Symbol that continues to get results for customers all over the world.

Once we have reached critical mass with reprogramming the H.S.V. cells then we can begin neutralizing and releasing the damaged cells and giving the body the boosted nutrients it needs to develop new healthy balanced cells to support the bodies healing process.

Each Symbol comes with a set of classes that teach you to put together your own daily healing protocol using your symbol so that you can learn to connect with your body on a deeper level and retrain it to stay in homeostasis in order to further your healing. Many people report immediate shifts utilizing the Immunity symbols and the more it is used the more amazing stories we hear.

So Get your symbol today so we can help you start feeling relief so you too can begin seeing and feeling the difference that regaining control of your health can make with the assistance of Your H.S.V Immunity Symbol.

Any Questions Please contact Rev. Safiya & leave a message: She will respond within 24 hours to answer any questions: 973-746-2700

*Just as with the Immunity Symbol this is a digital symbol and therefore the uses are vast and can be felt in a very short amount of time once you are trained during your 1st class.