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MoonCycle Kit

  • MoonCycle Kit
  • MoonCycle Kit

Welcome to your New Mooncycle Kit, it comes with these delicious tools below:

*Ashwagandha- To be taken daily, we love this adaptogen.

*Licorice- A daily treat in or out of the capsule.

*Womb Oil-To ease cramps- rubbed on womb in a circular motion when there is discomfort.

*Kelp capsules- For energy & hair growth & shine- we love taking 2/ day & find it gives us great energy.

*Sacred Time Tea Blend- Drink 1 cup/ up to one week prior to your next moon Time and throughout. I really enjoy drinking my herbal teas loose instead of tea bags, what a treat!

*Rose Infused Magnesium spray-Helps feed the body the extra magnesium needed during sacred time.

Balance Hormones Mp3- works well during ovulation & menses.

NEW: - MONTH OF DISTANCE HEALING! This assures that each person who uses this packages and follows the protocol as
Enjoy & feel free to share your experience with this tool, we are here for you always❤