Hydrogen Peroxide Lung Spray

$15.00 - $25.00
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Lung Spray

Hydrogen peroxide consists of one water molecule and an extra oxygen atom and it is this extra oxygen atom that makes it also deadly towards viruses. You must understand that the virus is eradicated from the body not by killing the virus itself but rather by killing the cells that produce the virus. For most people, the infection of the Coronavirus starts with water droplets containing the virus landing inside of the nose where it is a perfect breeding ground for the Coronavirus. Hydrogen Peroxide kills the virus on contact and mends any pre-existing illnesses so the immune system remains rock solid against viruses like COVID-19. Give your body the round the clock protection
of our patented H202 blend and sleep and easier at night knowing your immune system is at its optimum.

*This spray is for the throat & nose and is a food-grade form of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Due to massive demand, we are beginning production and shipping immediately. Please have patience as we work to get these out to where they are needed most (as we are prioritizing those who work in hospitals, nursing homes, police and fire people). Please expect approximately 1 week for shipping. Thank you for your patience
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