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Orgone Healing Pillow

  • Orgone Healing Pillow

The Orgone Healing pillow is simple to use, it can be placed on any part of the body for as long as needed. It is flat and can be tucked into your pants, skirt, or tights to cover the torso or underneath leggings to cover an area of the leg or ankle area. During sleep I often place mine underneath my pillow, the options are only limited by need and imagination.

Orgone Energy Helps Your Body To
Release Stress, Restore Vitality, Repair,
Reduce Chronic Pain, Replenish Bioenergy,
Recharge the Immune System, Rejuvenate
What Are Orgone Energy Blankets?
Orgone pillows accumulate life energy naturally
- no batteries, no hidden gadgets -
An orgone pillow simply does two things that can benefit your body:

1. It stimulates the body's own relaxation response (parasympathetic system)
2. It imparts a greater bioenergetic charge, especially seen in the field around the red blood cells.

These two effects can have a major impact in helping the body to:
relieve stress, create a sense of well-being, repair cellular damage,
ease pain, recharge the immune system, and restore vitality.
The pillow is easy to use, portable,
and come in different sizes,
and in different covers.